Defining New Standards

We provide young businesses with powerful digital solutions to tell stories, grow, and engage with their audiences. Through creative projects, our team helps clients to stand out from the crowd with contemporary aesthetics, engaging copywriting, and creating strategic values through creative projects.

A diverse creative team with a touch of global thinking.

At the heart of our design philosophy lies the three pillars: "Creative," "Global," and "Information Technologies." This is why for each new project, our members aim to create authentic and creative elements, combine the created elements with technologies to enhance our clients ' visions.

Meet our team.

Our members are young people with experience from different fields. Diverse and broad-minded, our team members benefit from the daily exchange of information, and from tackling the complicity that comes from the projects we undertake. For us, diversity is our great resource because such diversity gives us the opportunities to come up with unique solutions to satisfy our clients.

Ryosuke Kobayashi



Kyosuke Maeda



Saki Nakamura



Masamune Otomo



And a look at our office.

Stationing in Nihonbashi-Hisamatsucho, the center of Tokyo, Japan's dynamic capital, renovated in 2021, our office reflects the free and creative spirit of our design team.